Effective Company Directorship

Teacher Agneta Franksson about the course.

Effective Company Directorship

Boardroom professionalism is an essential ingredient for business success, regardless of industry and company size. This four day online course is the English version of Rätt fokus i styrelsearbetet för SME-aktiebolag, and will give you a solid base to build your boardroom career on.

This certificate training course gives you a comprehensive understanding of corporate governance in Sweden. Based on the latest developments in the field, it provides you with a basic understanding of boardroom professionalism, so that you can contribute with greater confidence and consciousness to a company’s growth and development.

    About the course

    Pedagogical structure

    Teacher-led education where we mix theory and practice. Group work, cases and high interactivity are offered among participants and our accredited teachers. You learn how the board and its work can be structured and you get tools that help you in this work.

    Styrelseakademiens accredited teachers. always have excellent and updated knowledge of Swedish company governance and boardroom experience of their own.


    The education consists of four blocks - Effective Governance, Effective Staffing, Effective Directorship and Effective Methods.

    Effective Governance

    The role of the owners Governing documents

    Effective Staffing

    The selection committee Composition of the board

    Effective Directorship

    The company's social responsibility Business strategic management CEO management Follow-up and control Information

    Effective Methods

    The board's responsibility The board's working methods Evaluation of the board

    Who is this for?

    Our training is primarily aimed at board members, owners, management groups and election committees. But of course finance managers, advisers, lawyers and other specialists can also benefit from the training to deepen their board knowledge in order to add value to businesses or in their board assignments.

    Suitable for those who wants to...

    • Strengthen your knowledge and security in the boardroom

    • Increase your understanding of board work in practice

    • Exchange experiences with the participants and our experienced teachers

    • Become a certified board member. The certification is a unique seal of quality and meritorious when owners and election committees are looking for new members.

    • Meet others and broaden your board network.

    • Refresh your knowledge and feel confident in future board assignments


    The training also includes an opportunity to certify as a board member. This means that after completing the training you take an exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive proof that you are a certified board member. Our certification has a high merit value and is a unique stamp of quality when owners and election committees are looking for new members. The certificate is digital and can be shared on social channels or printed.

    StyrelseAkademien is the standard-setting organization for professional board work in Sweden. The content of the training and the certification are approved by ecoDa, the European Confederation of Directors Associations.

    Course literature and other material

    In addition to extensive training material, you will receive digital literature "The Swedish Corporate Goverance Code".

    What do our previous participants think?

    • Participating in the Effective Company Directorship course was an incredible learning opportunity that surpassed my expectations. The course content is educational and stimulating, delivering a complete insight into the subject. Our experienced teacher, Agneta Franksson, provided clear explanations and informative guidance for each unit. I've developed essential skills that have positively influenced my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this course to anyone aiming to improve their expertise as a founder and abilities to become proficient board members.

      Sara Tavasolian

    • Styrelseakademien's Effective Company Directorship foundations course provides a solid framework and foundation for future board work. Many thanks to StyrelseAkademien, our very skilled and knowledgeable facilitator Agneta Franksson, and fellow course participants for an educational and thought provoking four days together. Good luck with your future board work!

      Lawrence Masle

    Practical information

    Previous knowledge

    No prior knowledge or specific preparation is required.

    What do we expect from you?

    That you...

    • participate actively and contribute with your own experience.

    • leave the office outside when you are on training (e.g. turn off the computer and mobile phone as far as possible).

    • participate with commitment and personal responsibility and that you participate 100% of the training time (a requirement to get the certification).

    To participate online you must have a computer/laptop with a camera, speakers and a stable connection and sit undisturbed.


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